BEER RELEASE: Czech Dark Lager

Get ready, our newest draft and canned seasonal is releasing soon – the Czech Dark Lager.
The Czech Dark Lager boasts a foundation of Root Shoot Pilsner Malt, providing a robust and wholesome base. The blend of dark crystal malts adds depth and complexity, creating a delicious profile of maltiness!
To complement the rich malt profile, we’ve infused the brew with the distinctive flavors of Hallertau Blanc and Saaz Hops. The Hallertau Blanc imparts a touch of floral and fruity notes, while the Saaz Hops contribute a subtle, spice. Together, they create a balanced and refreshing experience!
At first glance you’ll notice this Dark Lager pours a deep, mahogany brown, with the first whiff bringing forth a delightful aroma of roasted malt, caramel, bread crust and a subtle hint of chocolate. As you take your first sip, the malt-forward character dominates, delivering a symphony of toasty, biscuity, and caramel flavors. The Hallertau Blanc hops contribute a gentle fruitiness, reminiscent of subtle dark berries, while the Saaz Hops introduce a mild, earthy spiciness. The Czech Dark Lager concludes with a clean and crisp finish, leaving a lingering warmth that invites you back for another sip.
Available Friday, February 9th on draft and to-go in 16oz 4 packs!


Feb 09 2024


12:00 pm - 10:00 pm