Beer Release: DUNKEL – Dark Lager

📅 Release Date: December 8th
🍻 Brace Yourself for our Dunkel German Dark Lager! ❄️

✨ Balanced Symphony of Flavors:
Chocolate Notes: Indulge in a rich chocolatey undertone that adds decadence to every sip.
Hazelnut Elegance: Experience a subtle hazelnut infusion, providing a delightful nutty character.
Bread Crust Comfort: The comforting essence of freshly baked bread crust creates a robust and satisfying profile.
Caramel Sweetness: A touch of caramel sweetness harmonizes the flavors, offering a perfect balance.

❄️ Why Dunkel for Winter?
Crafted with the winter season in mind, Dunkel is the perfect companion for chilly evenings and family gatherings. Embrace the cozy vibes with a beer that captures the spirit of the season – rich, warm, and full of character.

🎉 Release Event Details📍:
Join us on December 8th in our taproom for the official Dunkel release! Available on draft and to-go in 32oz crowlers.

📸 Share Your Experience:
We want to be part of your winter beer journey! Share your Dunkel moments on social media using #VerbotenDunkel and let us see you cheers with friends and family!

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Dec 08 2023


12:00 pm - 10:00 pm