Beer Release: Naughty Diddums – Hazy Double IPA

🍻 Get ready to indulge in the mischievous flavors of our latest creation – introducing “Naughty Diddums!” our brand-new Hazy Double IPA! 🌟
Crafted with a blend of Wainea, Huell Melon, and Ahhhroma hops, Naughty Diddums promises an irresistible symphony of hoppy goodness that will leave you wanting more. 🌿✨
🍑 Wainea hops bring a touch of tropical paradise, infusing the brew with notes of juicy peach and a hint of citrus. 🍊
🍈 Huell Melon hops add a luscious melon character, ensuring a refreshing and fruity twist with every sip. 🍉
💫 Ahhhroma hops contribute a mesmerizing aroma, elevating the overall experience and making Naughty Diddums a sensory delight. 🌺
Join us on Friday, December 1st, as we unveil Naughty Diddums!


Dec 01 2023


12:00 pm - 10:00 pm