We came up with our name, Verboten Brewing, from the German word of “forbidden,”. It is a reference to the German beer-purity laws, or Reinheitsgebot, which forbade brewers in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries from using anything but water, barley and hops in their beers.

During the transition to our downtown location, back in 2016, we changed our name to include “Barrel Project” to emphasize our passion and love for the art of barrel-aging beers. We do our best to always have at least one barrel-aged option on tap for everyone to enjoy.

Our beers are an exciting mix of traditional styles and experimental brews! We create unique beers taking typical beer styles and adding our own twist to make our weekly rotating selections new, exciting, & “forbidden”! Every Friday we have something brand new for our customers to try out!

Our brewery and taproom is located in the heart of downtown Loveland on 127 East 5th Street.